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How to Choose a Guitar for Beginners

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

When you are first learning how to play the guitar, one of the trickiest decisions you have to make is which guitar you should purchase. This is especially difficult when there are so many different types and at different price points. This can be a difficult decision as well if you don’t even know where to get a guitar.

Luckily, with all of the resources and information available online, you can make the best decision that will fit your needs as you make this purchase. However, to save you from the research time, I’ve made a list of some pointers to help narrow your search.

Keep the price around $300+.

Right around the $300 range is when you can purchase a nice enough instrument to last you for years to come! You don’t need anything much more expensive until you have been playing for a while.

Choose steel or nylon strings.

There are two different types of guitars: Steel String guitars (Used for pop, country, rock) and Nylon Strings (used for classical music and flamenco) If you are just starting out, nylon strings are easier to push down but steel strings have a more contemporary sound. they are both very good options depending on the style of music you want to play

Get a guitar with low action.

Action is the height of the strings from the fretboard. So the lower the action, the easier it is to push down on the strings. however, you don't want the strings to be so close to the frets that your guitar buzzes.

Consider buying a used guitar.

Guitars often sound better with age, and if they are taken care of, you can get a higher quality guitar for a cheaper price.

Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar?

If you are trying to decide to buy an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, then you should know a couple things. Firstly, electric guitars have a different tone and sound than acoustic guitars. so you have to decide what sound you are looking for.

Electric guitars tend to have thinner strings making them easier to push down with your fingers so many beginners chose to start with electric guitar. However, if you do choose to start with electric guitar, you need to buy an amplifier and a cable in order to get that typical electric guitar sound you would expect.

Acoustic guitars don't need to be plugged in and can be played at a decent volume without any additional amplification. However, they also tend to have thicker strings which are tougher to push down with your fingers.

If you want some more information or help,

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