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First Guitar Lesson Tips

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

So you've decided to start learning guitar. Maybe you're taking beginner guitar lessons or maybe you're just trying to learn through watching YouTube videos. Either way, I hope these tips are helpful for anyone who are trying to tach guitar to themselves.

I’ve heard it all, “My fingers are too small!”, “My fingers are too big!”, “I Just cant get it no matter how long I practice.” The truth is, learning any new skill is difficult, and learning to play a new instrument isn’t any different. But if you practice the right way, it might not be quite so frusturating. In my opinion, you don’t have to be “born with it” to be a talented musician. The best musicians I know learned through trial and error.

  1. Start SLOW (When learning chords)

I know, I know, its exciting! You want to be able to play that song now! But just take a minute and break it down. Make sure your fingering is correct, before you strum it out. Instead of jumping through to each chord, check fingering and slowly practice transitioning to new positions. The more accurate you practice, the better sound you’ll get.

Frequent mistakes that occur while learning new chords are, not pushing hard enough on the strings and accidentally touching two strings with your finger when you should only touch one.

One practice I often give to my students is to play a chord, take all your fingers off the guitar, then play it again (Repeat until you feel comfortable playing that chord) then move on.

2. Practice Good Guitar Techinque

Just like a piano player has to curve their fingers and sit up straight, guitarists have to follow some basic technique to help them play without messing up. If you're taking guitar lessons, your guitar teacher may have pointed out these points. There are 2 points of technique that are the most important. Fingers and wrist.

First, you want to make your fingers on your left hand curved like a claw so you dont touch other strings than the one inteded. Second, you dont want to curve your wrist too much either way. It should be relaxed and more straight than bent. If your wrist hurts after practicing, you won't be able to play for very long.

3. Close Your Eyes While You Play!

After you feel comfortable playing the chords you’re learning and you can switch between them, try looking away! This is going to be useful to start practicing now, especially if you want to sing while you play the guitar.

If you have ever watched any professional performers play guitar, you’ll notice they sometimes look down, but not often, and almost never if they are singing. You want to be able to play these chords in your sleep! And this is totally possible with consistent practice.

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